Kalerm Quarza Pro Bean To Cup Cappuccino Machine

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We recognized that there is no such thing as The Best Latte Americano, The Perfect Espresso or The Ultimate Cappuccino. Because when it comes to coffee, each person holds in their hearts their own image of Perfection, so we’re delivered it.

Kalerm Quarza B Pro is not just Kalerm Quarza B’s big brother, it is a journey through the lands of all aromas, we offer you the way to Your Perfect Coffee.

The Kalerm Quarza B Pro is equipped to handle large amounts of daring adventures, its place is on all the busy streets, it’s at the office on the 50th floor, at the expansive factory taking on the stress of hardworking men and daring them to believe that it is possible to have The Perfect Coffee.

Applying a simple and intuitive customization system to each and every ingredient and process which goes in the making of the popular beverage, we’ve taken it from bean to cup and created a whole universe of possibilities. The only thing left now, is to explore.

  1. Make 6 different drinks including fancy coffee and milk with only one touch.
  2. With stainless steel pipe inside the two electric rapid heater, it has longer service life and provides safer drinks.
  3. With integrated water coffee spout, there is no need to move the cup to make any drinks.
  4. Professional cream device ensures the soft, smooth, and fragrant cream and it is easy to remove and clean.
  5. With the adjustment height of coffee spout from 80 to 140mm, it meets the smallest espresso cup and the largest latte cup.
  6. With the intelligent fault warning and information reminding system, all the information will appear on the screen.

coffees makes

Recipe Box

40 ml water maximum temperature
Level 3 grind, strong

95 ml water medium temperature
30s cream lukewarm
Level 4 grind, stronger

Cafe Latte:
60 ml water medium temperature
25s milk hot
Level 2 grind, fine

The Black Americano:
140 ml water high temperature
Level 5 grind, strongest


  • Heating power: 1400W
  • Pump pressure: 19 bar (two boiler)
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60hz
  • Water tank capacity: can connect directly to water barrel
  • Bean tank capacity: 750g
  • Coffee grounds container: 50 portions
  • Adjusting spout height: 80-140mm
  • Length of power cord: 1.5m
  • Box Dimensions: 45 cm x 30.2 cm x 62.5 cm (L x W x H)
  • Gross weight: 17 kgs


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