Royal Mesindo Persada: A Restaurant Equipment Supplier who provides for all your Commercial Kitchen Equipment needs right.

We understand that to have a commercial kitchen run efficiently and profitably, good quality Food Equipment is required. We supply one of the largest stocks of Equipment for Restaurant online in Jakarta Indonesia. Whether you looking for top of the line products, or you are in need of reliable but economical equipment, we are the perfect choice for you. Choose from over a thousand Food Equipment OnlineUsed Restaurant Equipment Online that are reliable and offer great value for your budget. Contact Royal Mesindo Persada; our sales staff will be happy to help with all your needs.


Owning a food truck or a large commercial kitchen requires a lot of time and energy, and you certainly want only the best beverage equipment. To ensure your beverage service exceeds those expectations, be it hot or cold, the proper dispenser must be as important a choice as the equipment.

Royal Mesindo Persada offers wide variety of the beverage dispensersblenderscoffee brewersespresso machinesgrinders and juicers.


At Royal Mesindo Persada, we understand how important it is to have reliable, good quality commercial cooking equipment. We offer well-known, reputable brands at the best prices. No matter how you prepare your customers’ food, You must have superior equipment to stay in the game.

From broilerscharbroilerscommercial rangefryersgriddleshot platesspeciality cooking equipment, steam cooking, wok range and gas connectors. Royal Mesindo Persada has exactly what you need. 


Be it a bakery or own a large commercial kitchen you operate, we have the right selection of ovens for your needs. We understand the importance of cooking uniformly and efficiently. With our selection of commercial ovens, we will have just what you need to satisfy the most discerning chef.  A wide selection exists whether you select from conveyor models to convection oven for your food service operation.

Choices include bakery ovenscombi ovensconvection ovensconveyor ovensdeck ovenscommercial microwave ovenspizza ovensrotisserie ovenssmoker ovenstandoor ovens and commercial toasters.


Do you require a walk-in or reach-in-fridge or freezer? Our variety of configurations and options can be designed to best suit your commercial kitchen layout and your budget. We offer the best quality refrigeration equipment to make sure your business runs successfully.

With equipment ranging from Commercial bar refrigeratorsdisplay refrigerationfood preperation refrigerationsoft ice cream equipmentice machinesmerchandisersreach in refrigerationspeciality refrigerationundercounter refrigeration and walk in refrigeration, Royal Mesindo Persada has exactly what you need. 


Slicing meat; preparing dough; grating cheese; blending sauces – it does not matter, fro we have the right equipment for you. We make sure that our wide selection of food preparation equipment ensures that your food preparation equipment is fast and efficient. When it comes to any initial food preparation in a commercial kitchen, top-quality and reliable equipment is one of the keys to your success.

Royal Mesindo Persada has a wide selection from dough prep machinesfood processingfood packaging, meat prep machinesmixersslicersscales and vegetable prep machines.


Would you be satisfied being served food that had lost its flavour and tasted like it had been on hold for hours? Of course not. Our convenient hot holding equipment guarantees that your food is kept at the optimum serving temperature. With our food warmers and food holding equipment, you can be sure to find the perfect solutions for your food service business.

Royal Mesindo Persada offers a large selection of hot holding and warming equipment such as display warmersfood warmersheat lamps and holding cabinets.


We know the importance of a good canopy and exhaust system for your cooking applications. We supply a large variety of restaurant exhaust hoods for all types of commercial kitchens. We have you covered for your entire canopy and exhaust system needs, making sure that all your ventilation requirements are met.

For up-to-code ventilation, choose from a exhaust fansexhaust hoods and ventless exhaust.