ROYAL: Your One-Stop Shop for Commercial Refrigeration and Foodservice Needs

Our company is made up of experienced professionals with decades of hands-on knowledge in commercial refrigeration and foodservice. Our approach is contemporary and innovative, offering a wide range of commercial cooling and foodservice products and solutions. We cater to bakeries, hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, coffee shops, ice cream and beverage shops, food retail and display, as well as the cold storage and appropriate technology sectors.

Royal takes pride in tailoring our products to suit specific conditions. We have a deep understanding of emerging opportunities in the commercial refrigeration and food-service field, and offer a comprehensive range of top-quality products and solutions, paired with reliable service to address industry challenges. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers upgrade their businesses with confidence.

We are a young and growing company and our ambition is to create a diverse and inclusive spirit in our customers. Their trust is a source of vitamins and energy for us to continue to grow and develop.

Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Royal’s Code of Conduct is an attempt to express the fundamental beliefs and values of its creators, thereby embodying the company’s ethos. This code compiles the principles that we staunchly believe in and serves as a guide to all our employees in adopting and preserving high standards of corporate and personal behavior. These standards have been the foundation of the company’s reputation and respectability.

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